Have copied references (command-K) match Mac Word 2011 font?

I often just copy references and manually create a reference list at the end of document. I’d like when I do this (with Command-K), that the reference automatically changes font to match what’s in my Word document (usually Times Roman) or Cambria. I know I could change the Display Library Font in Endnote to one of the fonts–but I prefer to have the display fonts be in sans serif font (Helvetica 12 is just fine).

Is there anyway of doing this? 

Or might Endnote add an option for copying references in a selected font in the future. 

Check the “Advanced” setting* in MS Word Options and change the “Pasting between documents when style definitions conflict” to: USE DESTINATION STYLES.


* In the MS Word ribbon click File > Options > Advanced. Then locate the “Cut, copy, paste” section.

Thanks… but I think that’s for the PC version. I remember that option from the past but am not seeing it in Mac Word 2011. 

Is there a Paste Options button which appears after pasting the text? If so, does it have a “Match Destination Formatting” option? 

(If no Paste Options button appears check Preferences > Authoring and Proofing Tools > Edit.  Under “Cut and paste options” select “Show Paste Options buttons”.)

This is odd. That preference is checked but now that I think about it I haven’t seen that (annoying) paste options button in quite some time.