How can I copy a reference from Endnote X3 to word docs.?


I’ve been using Endnote before getting my Mac, and it was possible to right-click on a reference in the Endnote list and paste it with the ‘copy formatted’ command on a word doc. (in order to write the list of references used in a chapter, for example) With Endnote X3 the same action only pastes the surname of the author in brackets!

Any ideas how I can do it now? 

Many thanks!


That sounds like  a bug, if the drop down choice is “Copy Formatted” and not “Copy”?

 On a PC the keyboard command is ctrl K, I assume there is an equivalent on the Mac? Does that work properly?

That would be cmd-C or cmd-K 

Both tried unsuccessfully! 

Do other Mac EndnoteX3 users see this?  If so, then it needs to be reported  as a bug in the Mac version. 

Can you copy it from the preview window?  Of course that is a one by one solution. 

In the case of “copy formatted” several at once, in the meantime, I would insert them into a separate document, select the refs, unlink the fields (shift+cmd F9? on the mac?) and then paste them into your other document.