Search results do not appear

Using EndNote 4X and MSWord 2010, when doing a PuMed search, the result do not appear anymore. The notice comes up that says there are X number of results, but the screen remains blank, whether I click on Online Search or All References. I have included a screen shot. This is infuriating and inefficient. Any clues? Has this happened to anyone else? Please help!

I might be missing the (not) obvious point but if you click the OK button in the “Confirm Online Search” dialog box, the search results will then download into your library where they may be viewed.

I note you are doing your search in the mode that will automatically down load all matches directly into your library.  If your preferences are set to not download duplicates (edit>preferences>duplicates) and you already have these references in your library, no new records will appear in the search window.  I much prefer to do this search in the online mode and work with my library in the middle mode. 

When you started EndNote the first time, did you answer EndNote’s question about integration with EndNote Web? If you choose “Cancel” here, I have  seen at least three examples from users that they will not get online search results (PubMed) downloaded into their library (they will see the number of hits, but the refererences will not be dowloaded into the library (and no error message)).

If you restart EndNote and get the EndNote integration window again, answer “Do not integrate…”. This solved the online search problem in all my cases.

Conclusion: Users of EndNote X4 need to choose one of the options for EndNote Web integration and not cancel to avoid problem with Online searching.

Anyone else seen this?

Best wishes

Jan Ove