help insert ISSN

In choosing a style, how do I also incorporate the ISSN number.  I am using Chicago style.  Could someone please walk me through adding the ISSN number to my references.  I am using Endnote x4 macintosh with word 2011.


without knowing where you want the ISSN, I can only answer in generalities.  You want to Edit>Output Styles, edit “your chicago style”  See attachment editoutput.gif. 

Then navigate to the Bibliography templates, I assume Journal?  and insert field> ISSN with the punctuation in the location in the template where you want it displayed.  Be sure to put |,*ISSN| with the |  which is the “forced separation” or you can type it from the keyboard and the * represents the “link adjacent” which you must insert from the insert field button.  the Link adjacent looks to me like a tiny circle, but people with better eyes say it is really a centered diamond shape! 

This additional “punctuation” will ensure that left over spaces and commas do not appear when there is no ISSN in the record.