HELP - Lost the body of my document but bibliography is intact!

I am hoping someone out there knows more about endNote than me (shouldn’t be too hard) and is able to identify my problem.

I have returned to my PC this morning to run the eye over my assignment only to find that it has all been replaced by the number ‘3’.  The cover sheet is all there on page 1 and the EndNote bibliograpghy is there at the end but all the content has disappeared.  It may be that someone has accidentally typed over the body text with the letter ‘3’ and saved it but i am hoping to recover it somehow.

My question is - before i start from scratch, if the EndNote generated bibliography is still showing, is my text in the document somewhere still (albeit it frustratingly hidden!)?

I was under the impression that EndNote only added references to the bibliography if and when an intext citation was entered in the body of the document.  If there was no intext citations (wheich is now the case - there is nothing at all) why are all the references still appearing in the bibiliography?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.