Help me please

Hi there, 

I am a sudent who is using cite as you write on word 2013. 

At the university when I insert a reference, I get the the following opptions:


insert & display as: Author (year)

Insert & exculde author

and so on. 

However, on my home pc I do not get all those options only the follwoing


insert & exclude Author 

insert & exclude year

Both PCs  are usingthe same version of endnote and word.

I even tried reinstalling the add on in word.

Please help me since I have searched for an answer but could not find one.

Thank you.

Are you sure it is EndnoteX7 on the home machine, and that your word is linked to X7 and not an older version that is still on the machine?  – what does the dialog box say at the top after selecting “more”?  (see screen shot attached) - and what happens when you view the drop down (which is labeled “default” in this image).  What is in the top bar? (EndnoteX7?)  – Has X7 been updated to X7.4?