Help-Parameters incorrect??? what is this?

I keep getting this alert message in my word document every time i insert a citation or make any changes to my bibliography preferences…basically if i do anything.

the alert message says: Parameters incorrect

what does this mean???

how do i fix it??? 



Me too.

i have not fixed it

We had seen this issue with older versions of EndNote on newer versions of Windows:

  1. On a Vista or 7 PC, in Word, if you click on the EndNote X or earlier CWYW Preferences button in the EndNote X toolbar, a “The parameter is incorrect” error appears, making it impossible to change CWYW Preferences.
    Please note that this error is expected only for the CWYW Preferences button. If you get this error with the other CWYW commands, first try using the tools in a blank, new document. If you have the same error, follow the steps at 
If the problem is specific to one or more documents, please follow the steps at  [](

You can see this information on our website