"The parameter is incorrect" office 2007 SP2 - Win7 64-bit latest

Hello everybody.

I just installed the EN x5 trial on my 64bit win7 machine.

cwyw ribbon exists.

EN x5 is working and running.

But when i click ANY button in the ribbon the “The parameter is incorrect” popup appears.

I followed the instructions to delete the registry entries, restartet after every try, but the problem still nothing helped.

what can i do?

thanks in advance

Just wondering: 1) Did you have a prior version of EndNote installed (before installing the X5 trial demo version); and if so 2) did you uninstall the prior version before installing the X5 trial demo?

first time endnote installation ever.

though i had bibliografx8 installed. if that matters my answer to 2) must be:

no. i uninstalled bibliografx8 after installing en x5, but did that parameter deletion procedure afterwards to save the day.

thanks so far

hello again.

After being in contact with support (thanks again, guys) I figured out the following work-around.

Specs: win7 64bit, office professional, endnote x5 trial (all of them most recently updated)

  1. Installation as native(!) Administrator, as user with admin rights some registry entries were missing

  2. execute endnote.exe and winword.exe as admin (properties->kompatibility)

now two popup appear when I start the programms and I am a bit concerned about the admin rights for both applications, but now it works at least.

And to the developers I have to say:


well, happy citing!