Help: Syncing 2 computers - why don't deleted files get synced as well as added?


Just getting used to Endnote. I have successfully synced my Macintosh Laptop with my Windows desktop via Endnote web. Everything seems to be working well (including file additions); however, a deleted file is only being deleted on 1 computer and this sync does not change the other computer’s files. Is this a protection mechanism built into the program so that unintentional deletions are not synced? Will I have to manually delete all unwanted files on both computers? 
Any help with this is sincerely appreciated.

Thank you

I’m not clear on how you are syncing.  Are you using the latest version of EndNote and sharing a library (best way, IMHO)? If you are not doing it this way and have access to the latest update (X7.2.1), please try updating, then share the library with another email which has a endnoteweb account (for instance a personal email and a work email).  The wizard that starts up when you upgrade should walk you through this.


Yes I am using Endnote version 7.2.1 at least on my Macintosh computer, but I will need to go home and double-check the desktop Windows computer. I have an Endnote web account with the same login details. I also believe both my libraries have the default ‘My Endnote Library’ name but I am only using 1 ‘group’ at the moment with my own customised name (the name is the same on both computers). In all ways, it is working perfectly fine (because the files are syncing) but deleted files are not deleted off both accounts, just from the computer I manually deleted it from. Any ideas about why? : )

It sounds like you are just using EndNote Web to sync. Using the new sharing would be better. Myendnoteweb doesn’t allow a user to delete files remotely to another computer for security purposes. At least this is my understanding.