Help with citations

I am having a hard time finding citations for certain books (like the DSM-IV) or scales. I am unable to connect to anything but PubMed from EndNote and think that might be the problem. It can’t be my system at work because I can get onto those databases if I don’t go through EndNote. Any suggestions? Once I find them, can I just insert them in and the rest of the paper will re-format to accommodate the new citations? Thanks!!

Have you acceded the other connection files?  Edit>Connection Files>Open Connection Manager

Then you should get a list of the 100 or so default installation Connection files.  There are more available during installation, if you do you a custom install, or you can go to the site and find additional ones. tick the box and it will show up in your available list. 

I suggest trying some of the university library catalogs or maybe the Library of Congress for books. Chapters in books are still a problem - and I download the book, create a book section ref type and type in the details (or first copy it and then type in the details, if multiple chapters need to end up in my database.  .