How do you choose/get databases to include?

I am new to using Web Search and am surprised that so many databases are missing. How do you choose/get databases to include? 

Hello, andegerd:

EndNote only installs the 100 most popular connections by default. If you perform a custom installation, you can select the connections you wish to install. After installation, you can either modify your installation (through the EndNote Customizer on the Mac, or in Programs and Features in Windows) to add batches of connections, or add them individually by finding them on our webpage at . Double-click on an downloaded connection file and then use File>Save As to install it into EndNote. 

I hope this helps! Have a great day.

You say “you can select the connections you wish to install.” Does this mean among those included in the list available. I e I use the Sedish database Libris a lot, but that is not included?

If it’s Swedish Libris you’re looking for, the EndNote name for that connection file is Swedish National Library. Open the Connection manager from the Edit-menue in EndNote and click Get More on the Web and you’ll get connected to the repository of connection files on the EndNote Webpage.