My trial version ended, and i did not save as a document. When I open Endnote, it says it is operating as only a viewer. However, I can only view 10 entries on the screen, while in the menu it clearly says that it still has all 45 of my entries, the problem is I just cannot see them. When I search for stuff randomly, my information pops up, but I can’t remember all the citations I used. Anyone know what to do?


Sorry for the data loss. Trial version becomes “feature limited” when trial period expires, so you are experiencing pretty much what is supposed to happen. How about contacting tech support?

To recover once- copy the paper and database and subfolders to another computer.  Install the demo, get your paper formated, select all and unlink the fields -select all (ctrlA) and then ctrl-shiftF9 (on a copy, if you plan to purchase endnote in the future).  Now you have the formated paper at least.