Loss of data


I was using the free trial version of Endnote X8. I forgot to buy the version and after 30 days it reverted back to the feature restricted viewer. (just some minutes ago, actually).

When that happened, i lost all of my 5000+ references! I am doing my thesis and i was relying on these references. Now only 10 of them remained.

I am panicked and in need of urgent help. Is there a way to retrieve the references?

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Can someone please give me a response? It is a very important matter.

I will give additional info in case that helps.

First of all, my endnote library. enl is OUTSIDE the endnotelibrary.data.  That means that .enl is not inside the .data folder. It was always outside since the beginning. I dont know if thats normal or not.

In the attached file you can see how my library was before the loss of data. After endnote 8.x reverted to the feature restricted viewer, all of the references that you see were reduced down to 10 references. Every group had only 10 references, including th “All references” choice.

Is there a way to retrieve all the data loss? I am also willing to buy Endnote if that will restore the references.

I operate on a laptop with Win 10.

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Once the demo is expired it changes to a feature-restricted EndNote Viewer.

As an EndNote Viewer it has limited functions including the ability to only display ten references.

So all the data is still in your library just not accessible until you get the full version.

Here are the list of the limits of the viewer:

After the program reverts to an EndNote Viewer, you will still be able to open EndNote libraries, search, sort, and print references. However, with the EndNote Viewer you cannot:

  • Add or edit references in a library that has 10 or more references already in it.
  • Format more than 10 citations in a paper.
  • Retrieve more than 10 references from a remote database.
  • Import more than 10 references.
  • Export more than 10 references at one time.
  • Sync with EndNote online.

Thank you! I am more grateful than I can say.