His name is Okay, OK?

I have entered a reference by an author whose last name is Okay (Douglas M.).  When I search my references for “Okay”, I get the message "Quick search: 0 result for “Okay” No matches found.  Also, when I insert this reference into my Word doc, and then update citations and bibliography I also get an error stating that the reference (which EndNote shows in its entirety) can’t be found. The only way to find it w/in EndNote web is to search for the second author (Jackson). It seems that EndNote has decided that there is no such last name as Okay. OK? Not for me…

What version of Endnote?  In Endnote X5.0.1, I just created a record with the author

Okay, Donald M

and searched and it came up (along with 3 records with the name Okayama)? 

why do you have parentheses around the (Douglas M.) part? 

I’m using EndNote Web (3.3? I am getting internal server errors when trying to log in just now, so I can’t verify the version, but I think it’s the latest). Oh, and congrats on your ability to enter the reference and find it. Guess that proves it’s someting I am doing wrong… or perhaps I am hallucinating.

The parenthesis were just to indicate that the person has a first name and middle initial. I did not put parenthesis around the name when entering the reference or when searching.

Well I am using the full version, so Endnote Web may have a “stop” list different from the full version.  Perhaps Web users could give it a try? 

Running a test on EndNote web seems to confirms there’s something odd about the search algorithm as it does not  recognize “Okay” as a valid surname - resulting in "no matches found.  But searching using “Douglas” does result in a found record.

Suggest you notify EndNote tech support: http://www.endnote.com/support/entechform.asp about the problem. In the interim you might consider working from the client version of EndNote on your computer instead of the web version.

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So happy to hear that I am not losing my mind.