EndNote Web search fails


When I attempt a Search of my library in EndNote web using quotation marks to delineate the search term, the search fails.  For example, I search for  “Thomas Jones” in All References and am returned results for all references containing Thomas or Jones.  This is obviously unhelpful.  Searching for Thomas AND Jones, with or without quotation marks, doesn’t work either.  I am using the latest version of EndNote 7on an iMac running High Sierra.  Can anybody help?  Thanks.

If you are using the word find citations/insert citation dialogue box - there are no parameters to set, it is a generic seach for any word match.  In fact if you wanted the author “Li”  it would bring up that letter combination in pretty much every field in every record. I massively dislike that dialogue and only remember it is an option, when someone complains about its non-functionality.  

To get any control, it is much better to jump to endnote and use the more powerful seach there and insert the citation into word (copy/paste shortcuts work, or the Alt+2 (on a PC) command once it is selected.  

Thank you Leanne for your reply.  I am trying to do the search online (EndNote Web) in the Quick Search box at the upper left of the screen.  This search box used to accept and work properly for quotation mark enclosed searches, now it doesn’t.  Searches within EndNote itself do work correctly.  However, when I am away from my desktop computer I often need to search my reference database by logging in to my EndNote web account and searching online.  I’m thinking I may have lost this functionality when I diod one of the incremental updates to EndNote X7.  Was hoping others have experienced this and have found a solution.  Thanks.