Difficulty with a customised bibliography

Using endnote 6, I’ve customised the harvard citations and bibliography output styles to suit my institutional requirements, however… some of the the fieldsand amendments I have made do not appear in my bibliography -  in particular, I cannot get book editions and the place of publication to show in my final bibliography - when I check the details re the reference, this info does not appear to have been imported in the first place.  All help would be appreciated - stupid hours have been invested!


  1. “Some of the fields and amendments … do not appear in the bibliography”. This could result from a variety of issues: 1) after modifying the Harvard output style the changes are saved as a new output file (i.e., Harvard Copy) so settings in both EndNote and MS Word need to be changed for the changes to occur; 2) the field data (e.g., Place Published) in the reference is empty so the bibliography template will generate a blank; 3) the bibliography template is missing or not using the correct corresponding field for the reference type; 4) fields/text  in the bibliography template may be linked together such that if one field is empty it suppresses both fields from appearing in the bibliography.   

  2. “…this info [book editions, place of publication] does not appear to have been imported in the first place”. Can you explain how you’re importing the references?  Is this from an online database as a direct export or from saving the search results as a text file then using an EndNote import filter to import the file?  (Which filter and could you provide a sample of the text file?)

If  the info isn’t being downloaded into EndNote it might be that the data format generated by the online provider omits the info and you’ll need to manually enter the info (although it seems place of publication should be included in the download/import.)

Could you: 1) attach the output style file, and 2) screenshots of an EndNote reference type record (to show how the record’s field information and what your output style generates as the corresponding bibliographic entry,