How to insert a citation without using brackets

Hi, I’m new to using ENDNOTE and me and my college have the same kind of problem. We don’t find the answer in the help-section. How do I choose to not use brackets for a citation in the text? For example I like to start a sentence by:

As Van Horne (1983) suggests there could be…

Van Horne (1983) should then be listed as a normal reference in the reference-list.


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See this explanation.

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That could be a good way of getting around the problem, but still I wonder if it isn’t any option that allows me to take away the brackets around the author, put them just around the publication year and write the reference into the text as I described in my question?  


The answer is not easily.  See 

for another non-automated way to achieve this.  There is also a request in the Wish list to add this functionality and a discussion about why it might be best to avoid it.

oops wrong link - changed in edit - see the  most recent discussion spearheaded by Myoshigi.  okay - found it now:

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Thanks, I managed to insert the reference as I wanted now and will tell my college about it as well, so that’s good.

 It’s not a way I make citations often but still it could be used to get the text more easier to read at times. That’s what I think at least.