How can I see citation number inside endnote as in word ?


Is there any way that I could see citation numbers inside EndNote? I see the numbered citations inside word while writing it reorganize numbers. It is nice. But while triying to add a new citation from my grouped citations especially while same authors with difrents paper it kills me. I could find which one which. Editing every similiar citation to check page number, volume … etc. Lost of time.  I ve tried to solve it by putting call number manually. This time when I add new ref. inside EndNote;it  reorginize (it must be like that) citations numbers in word document but my manually entered call numbers inside EndNote stays same and later much I have more headache. So… repating my question… Is there any way that I could see citation numbers inside EndNote like I see  these numbers inside my word document?

No, there is not a way to do this directly.

If you are still working on a document, you might find it simpler to use an “Author Date” style to format the document so you can be sure you have put the citations in these groups. Once you are sure, you can change back to your numbered format.

The citation numbers would be specific to each word document (and each format of the word document, if you add a citation above the first, it numbers that new citation #1), and it’s possible to have more than one document open with the same references with entirely different numbers associated with them. 

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or you could also just work in the “unformatted” temporary citation state.