Numbered endnote

Hey folks:

I’m new to endnote and still trying to figure things out, so apologize if this is a stupid question.

I’m writing a non-fiction book and am trying to format my citations in a style appropriate for that.  Essentially what I want is a numbered format for citations in the main text and endnotes and bibliography at the end of the document.  I can’t seem to find the settings to make it happen, however.

For example, right now if I input a source in a citation as #1, every additional cite in the main text it registers as footnote #1

Any idea how I can fix this? Appreciate any help you can offer.

Endnotes (as in footnotes) need to be inserted INTO a footnote (using the word processor insert footnote and then moving to the “footnote/endnote” and inserting the citation form EndNote there) with an output style that has footnote templates.  

Try viewing this Knowledge Base article to see if it helps.  

that’s super helpful, thanks.