How can I set "Default Reference Type" as multi-types rather than only one ref. type?

When I set connection to my library, there is “Default Reference Type”.

If I set Default Reference Type as “Journal Article” all records from my library are imported as “Journal Articles” even some are books.

If I set Default Reference Type as “Book” all records from my library are imported as “Book” even some are journal article.

To get more reference types than only one reference type, how can I set?

If someone can tell me how to do, it would be very grateful?

My library is using VTLS system and US MARC 21 format.

Thank you.

You can only set one default reference type. For connection files to library catalogues, this would normally be Book.

Most library catalogues don’t contain many journal articles, although they often have audiovisual material, maps and theses.

To get the connection file to identify reference types which do not match the default, you edit the Templates within the connection file. If you open the Library of Congress connection file, and look at the first line(s) of the templates for Audiovisual Material, Map or Thesis, you will get some idea of how this is done. These rows at the top of the template which define the reference type are called Reference Type Tags. You will find more information on this in the “Filters” chapter in the EndNote manual.

Identifying journal articles might be difficult. You have to find some data in the journal article MARC records which is unique to journal articles. Perhaps they have a 773 tag? If so, your reference type tag might look something like:

     773       .

This would tell EndNote that any references which had a period in the 773 field were Journal Articles. You can have more than one reference type tag in a template.

Thank you very much John.

I will try it again how things will work better.

Now I can import my library records with more than one Reference Type.

As John said, I follow ideas of LoC and for Journal Article and Conference Paper, I use tag 773.

subfield $t as Journal or Conference Name and

subfield $g as Volume, Issue no, Page no, etc. for Journal Article and Date, Location, Page no for Conference Paper.

I use subfield $n for differentiation of whether Journal Article or Conference Paper and put in Connection Template first row.

Then almost are working.

But at tag 773 , subfield g , I entered page no for example pp. 34-40.
But after imported to EndNote, “pp.” is missing and only 34-40 is appeared. Other data such as “Vol. xx, No. xx”, etc. are appeared.

Because our library index papers of our faculty members and students. 

With much thanks

Usually you don’t want the text to appear in the record field, just the numbers, as different styles have different punctuation and font requirements for the output.  So I would suggest that Vol and No.  shoudn’t be there and neither should the pp.

Thank you for your reply.

But if you see in Library of Congress, Examples at below link,

You will see there is page number p. Volume Vol. etc…

Therefore I also like to put the pp. or Vol. or No. etc.

Besides tag no. 773, which tag number and subfield, I should use to describe the Journal article volume, issue no, page no, etc?

Our library is using US MARC 21 format.

Though I put pp. xxx in tag 773, when I import from online connection, pp. is disappeared in EndNote.

Please kindly suggest me if you know it.

The purpose of an EndNote filter or connection file is to import raw data: just the volume number, just the page numbers, etc.

EndNote has output styles that take that data, and add any necessary abbreviations (like v. or vol. or pp.) to produce references formatted in many bibliographic formats.

However, if you really want the EndNote connection file to import the pp. before the Pages, you probably need to edit your connection file. Open it for editing, and go to the “Field Editing” section. Select Field Editing for the Pages field. You should see that EndNote is removing abbreviations like “p.”  Change those settings. 

Thank you very much. After I edited in “Feild Editing” at connection setting, now I can get it as I want.

If I want, volume no, page number, month year, place of conference (not publisher) in separate tags, which tags we have to use? tag 260 and 300 ??