Volume skipped in ENW import when reference type is set to Manuscript

I couldn’t seem to be able to import the right volume information when the reference type is set to be Manuscript. Try to copy and paste the following segment into a text file and save it as test.enw. Double click on it and see if you can get the right volume number in the Volume/Storage Container field. It always showed up in the Notes field in my trials. If I set the reference type to Journal Article (%0 Journal Article) then the volume information show up where it should. What am I missing here? Is it a bug associated with the Manuscript reference type, or is it an issue of EndNote Importing process for ENW files? Maybe the wise man at the EndNote team can shed some light on how the mysterious ENW format works. Any help is appreciated.


%0 Manuscript
%T This Makes a Good Article
%A Goodwill, Hunting
%J Movie Lover
%D 2008
%K Love
%G English
%V 11
%N 50

A file with the .enw extension will be imported by the filter called EndNote Import.

Open that filter for editing (Edit>Import Filters>Open Filter Manager). Go to the Templates section, and select the Manuscript template.

You will see that the %V tag is being imported to the Notes field. Use the Insert Field button to replace Notes with Volume/Storage Container.

Close the edit window and save your changes when prompted.

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That’s great information, John. Instead of waiting for your great answer though, I went ahead with a sledge hammer. I wrote a perl script to convert the tagged file in ENW format into an XML file that can be directly imported into EndNote, after toying around with the EndNote exported XML file. That way, I retain the ultimate flexibility on where each tagged field should be routed for a given reference type. But my solution would not work for everyone, and your method is more user friendly. Thanks again.