How do I change styles?

I just finished my thesis in APA style but now have to change to JAMA style. Anyone know how to do this?

OOPS - not JAMA style - it has to be in International Committee of Medical Editors Uniform Requirements style.  Looks like Endnote doesn’t have this style listed…

If you do not find an exact match, you can always modify a style that looks close. OR, you can send a “suggestion” to Thomson to make the style for the journal, but you probably need to wait for a while. Besides, it’s only a suggestion so they may never make it. If your deadline is approaching, that’s not a good strategy.

By the way, “Uniform (ICMEU)” requirement actually follows NLM’s guidline, so you could check the NLM’s website first.…ShowTOC&rid=citmed.TOC&depth=2


Endnote has NLM style. Vancouver is also good place to start, but NLM has a lot more detail specifics depending on the publication types, such as journal article, books, thesis, proceedings, etc.

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Thank you!  That will save me lots of time!  Now…how do I actually change my entire completed document from APA to NLM?

I would say, “that depends…”.

If you are using Cite While You Write feature using MS Word, you just unformat from the tool bar (in Word), then reformat. You will see a window that has pull down menu of formatting styles, then choose NLM.

If you use other file formats, like .rtf or openoffice documents, a little bit different story, but I guess you are using Word, right?

By the way, when you ask questions regarding Endnote, it’s better to present more information, like which version of Endnote you are using, what word processor you are using, what operating system you are using, etc. That’ll help other users to respond quicker.

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Thank you - sorry - didn’t know there were lots of endnote versions.  Mine just says

“Endnote X1”  and I am using Windows Vista office 2007 with cite while you write.  I will try what you recommended.  Thanks again for the assistance.

You shouldn’t even have to unformat first (which turns off CWYW) you should just reformat and change to the style before clicking “okay”. 

That’s right. Unformatting automatically turn off “Instant formatting” option. Also, unformatting removes traveling library, and cause problems if the document is shared by multiple users. By the way, I’m not a big fan of instant formatting, because I write very often temporary citation with {ref} or {rf}, and just keep writing. If instant formatting is on, everytime I type {ref}, Endnote asks me which citation, and that’s quite annoying, and I feel it is a distraction for writing. Most of the time, I know which citation I have in my mind, so I don’t need to enter the exact one from Endnote each time. I just need the location of references. Instead of working back and forth between Word and Endnote, I want to focus on the writing the context. If I’m not sure about the reference is available in my library, I type {look for ref} or {search ref} just like leaving a note. Then, once I feel comfortable about the contents and context, I switched to Endnote and focus on entering precise references. It’s just the way I’ve worked so far, and personal preference, you know…


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