How do I combine multiple biblios?

I completed and formated my paper and a couple of months laster was asked to revise parts and so I had to include additional text and some more citations and references in the biblio. The added citations began at #1 and the half-dozen new references were not integrated within the original biblio but are appended as a separate and new listing. How do I combine these so all the in-text citations are sequential as are the cited references in the biblio? Thank you!

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What version did you revise?  Hopefully not one that you have removed field codes for submission?  If the original endnote references are still “fields” which usually means they are grey, when selected) then it should format them correctly into a signle bibliography.  Make a copy, select all and unformat.  Do they all unformat into the curley bracketed version?  If so, great, reformat them.  If not, you will need to reinsert all the references or find an older version of the paper with the original endnote references and perhaps combine/compare them? 

Hi Leanne: Thanks for your quick input. You and I have not corresponded in years but I’m back in the writing business and have returned to EndNote. I now use X2 but I liked the older versions that were easier to work with. I no longer know how to “unformat” as you suggest but I don’t think it would work in my case. I submitted an artcle to a journal that accepted it contingent upon my making some adjustments and adding a few items. I did this but instead of having the citations anf references integrate themselves into the original document, they began a whole new sequentially numbered system and the added references now appear all the way at the end of the article, behind the tables and charts. I may have to fix this manually because the field codes or whatever they’re called no longer appear in the copy returned to me by the publisher. Perhaps they use some sort of software that filters this out. Any other ideas?

Thanks and nice hearing from you after all this time!

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