How do I do something like (BDI-II; Beck, Steer & Brown, 1996)?

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I can change the citation to display other information (page number, abbreviated name of a psychological measure, etc.) inside the parenthesis, but I lose the revision as soon as the application refreshes.  Any assistance is much appreciated.

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you want to right click on the formatted reference and make the edits thru the edit citation dialogue window.  Note, that if you use the “cited pages” section, you need to ensure that the output style citation template has that field included.  Alternatively put the cited pages in the suffix place and it will show up fine without editing the style.  If you want to use a semi-colon, depending on your version, you may need  to put a (reverse apothrophe, most upper left hand key on the keyboard) to indicate to endnote that it doesn't really separate two references.&nbsp; --So <font face="courier new,courier" color="#ff0000">BDI-II; will be in the “prefix” for your example.  I think that that is necessary up to and including Endnote X but is not needed in more recent versions.