How do you put a full stop at the end of a name that has no initial in Harvard referencing?


I’m using a version of Harvard I’ve edited.

 I have some company names, eg FAOSTAT, and I want them to appear as


but harvard only puts the full stop in if there is an initial?

Any suggestions?

Not sure.  Do you have a trailing comma after the company name in the record?  

As in a      ,

Yes, but it doesn’t seem to matter.  It’s because the full stop is part of the author name formatting options, where

James Bob would become Bob, J. because I chose Edit style / bibliography / author name / Initials - A.B. option.  which puts the full stop in autmoatically, but if there are no initials, it appears there’s no fullstop?

yes… I can see how that could be problematic,

but if you edit the output style to have a period following the author name, it will automatically NOT put two periods for all the authors that do have initials, as it is smart enough not to put two punctuation marks in a row.  

Just add a period after the author “field” in the Harvard output style for the bibliography templates that have corporate authors.  I just tested and it works in Endnote X7 anyway.