How do you put the label PMCID into a bib list?


I want to put the  label  PMCID into the bibliography list …  


Reference details    PMID 123456   PMCID  PMC8765432

If i put the text   PMCID  and then INSERT variable PMCID  i get   PMC8765432  PMC8765432

I have tried  ‘PMCID’  and “PMCID”   and it just puts the PMCID in quotes.  “PMC8765432”  

how do you get the template to not recognise text  as a variable name?

Thanks in advance


you need to use the ` character before and after the variable name (on my keyboard it is the apostrophe under the squiggle above the left tab) before the field name.  And you will want to follow it with a link adjacent, so the variable name doesn’t appear when the field is empty.