how reference a dvd?

Help… I cant figure out how to use Endnotes to properly cite a dvd.  I believe the proper format is:  

Laureate, Education, Inc. (Producer). (2009). Psychology and the media [DVD]. Baltimore, MD: Author.

However, none of the reference types from the drop down list seem to work.  The best one I found is Online Multimedia, but selecting that option does not include the city, state, for example: 

Laureate Education (Producer). (2009). Psychology and the media [DVD]

also the italics appears to be missing. I am using X3.

Although the Online Multimedia reference type and corresponding output style may not conform to citing a DVD, you could modify both (reference and output style) so they do include the “missing” fields (e.g., city, state) and italics.  Or you could create a “CD/DVD” reference type using one of the three unused reference templates.  Once the template is made it’s just a matter of creating the corresponding output style.

To better illustrate my prior message, here’s what you could do.

Begin by modifying the Online Multimedia reference type template:

  1. Go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, PREFERENCES.

  2. [See Image1]  In the “Preferences” window, click to select REFERENCES TYPES. In the right column, click the MODIFY REFERENCE TYPES button.

  3. [Cont. Image1]. Click the “Reference Type” pull down menu to select ONLINE MULTIMEDIA.  Then manually type-in the word Location adjacent to the “Place Published” field.  (“Location” will hold infomation on city and state.)  Click OK to close the Online Multimedia refererence type, then click OK again to exit out.

Next, modify the output style template : (You don’t mention the style you’re using so this example is based on APA 6th)

  1. Go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT [Name of output style].  This will display the output style’s options.

  2. [See Image2]. In the left column, locate “Bibliography” then just below click to select TEMPLATES.  Click the “Reference Types” pull-down menu to select ONLINE MULTIMEDIA. 

  3. [Cont. Image2]. Modify the Online Multimedia template to include the “Location” field as shown. Then close the window when completed. You will be prompted to save the file - note that the file name includes the word “Copy” so as not to overwrite the original file.  If you elect to save it as a copy, remember to change the output style selection in both EndNote and Word to that file (e.g., “APA 6th Copy” otherwise the changes will not be displayed in the EndNote library.

*Note:  Although the Title field could be italicized, doing so would result in a global change - meaning the tiles for all Online Multimedia references would be italicized. So to enable italicizing your reference entry, suggest you move the information to the Series Title field as a workaround.  If you wish to have the Title field italicized, you could create a custom field to accommodate this entry or if you anticipate having more DVDs, creating a separate “DVD” reference type and output style might be the way to go.

Image3 displays the sample reference entry. 


Thanks a lot!