How to add chapter number to citations?

I am writing up my dissertation and need to insert lots of figures in each chapter.  Does anybody know how to add chapter number before the figure number, such as Figure 1.5, Table 2.2.

I am using Endnote X2, word 2003 (windows XP)

Thanks a lot.

Can’t recall but does MS Word 2003 have an “insert caption” feature?  If so It’s more convenient to use Word’s captioning capability as it enables: 1) developing captions (i.e., including chapter numbers) to suit your particular needs; and 2) generating a List of Figures list which can be quickly updated to reflect pagination changes due to adding or deleting text material.

You could still use EndNote to store and manage the figures, insert the figure(s) into the text document, but then switch to Word.

Yes, Word2003 has that capability.  there are multiple instructions on how to do it.  Here is is one from the U of Tenn.  There is a great book I lend to my students (word 2003) called Writing your disseration with MIcrosoft Word which is awsome in little details like this.