How to add words "Translated by ..." in Harvard style?

Dear community,

I have been trying to include the words “Translated by” before the name of the translator in Harvard style (reference type for book). I have been able to edit the Harvard style to suit my paper, but I have not been able to fix this. 

I would like the biblio to look like this:

      BOURDIEU, P. 1977. Outline of a Theory of Practice, 2nd ed. Translated by R. NICE. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Here is reaching to anyone who can help? It would be much appreciated if an image of the codes be shared in reply as it would be easier to follow the same.

Thanking in advance.

I attach a zipped folder of Harvard modified style I have edited to incorporate the edition and the translated by text and field with “link adjacent” and separate formating characters.  

Harvard (transl by).zip (3.01 KB)

Oh, and I also reversed the order of “editors” so that the translator is first initial then surname.  

Thank you very much, Leanne. I have tried it and it works! Much appreciated.