How to cite translated book

Help needed:

APA 6th seems to add translators / editors on the final Bibliography but when using MHRA they don’t appear?

Format needed for MHRA:
Surname, First name, Title, trans. by First name Surname of translator (Place, Publisher, Year)


In the bibliography? I see the translator field in books but not elsewhere, while APA has the field including in Book Section as well. I also see (in the downloaded style that the author names are first then surname, in both the footnotes and in the bibliography settings. Do you use true footnotes, or do you use “superscripted” style created by Leeds in 2016? If you zip up the style you have – it would be relatively easy to adjust, although I am not sure about whether the surname, first name for authors, vs first name surname criteria can be generated. It depends on how Editors need to be entered as the secondary (usually editor), tertiary (I think that is translator) and subsidiary (not sure what that is used for in reference types). The help files say

Editor List and Editor Names

To specify how the editors’ names are to be formatted, select Editor List or Editor Name from under the Bibliography or Footnote heading. In those panels you will find some of the same settings that have been described for formatting author names.

The Editor List settings apply to the generic Secondary Author, Tertiary Author, and Subsidiary Author fields. These fields includes “Editor” in the Book Section and Conference Proceedings reference types, and “Series Editor” in the Book and Edited Book reference types.