How to: Adding words "Translated by" to a Journal Article

Dear Leanne

Sorry to have to come back to you on this.

  1. I have been trying to include the words “Translated by” before the name of the translator in Harvard style but this time for the reference type of journal article. I tried to copy and paste your modified Harvard style you sent earlier but to no avail.

I would like the biblio to look like this:

      BOURDIEU, P. 1994. Translated by Loic J. D. WACQUANT, L. J. D. & FARAGE, S. Rethinking the State: Genesis and Structure of the Bureaucratic Field. Sociological Theory, 12(1), 1-18.

Would it possible the code for this output style be sent for me to adopt?

  1. My second question: How do I “Export” the output style I have modified as a whole to my classmates for their immediate use in order for them to save time having to modify their own EndNote styles?

Thank you very much.

Journal doesn’t seem to have a Translator field – so where are you storing the information? 

Translated Author?  I don’t know for sure how that field is handled by Endnote.  If it automatically applies “author” type formating or not.  I will wait for your answer.  

  1. Unless you change your database reference types (which you may want to do in this case, and add a field for “translator” in subsidary author which is empty in the ref type for journal at present, you would just share the output style (like I did, but you don’t have to zip it), and they would open it and save to their local machine and change their document settings to use that new output style.  

Hi Leanne

  1. Sorry for the delay. I added the “Translator” field to my Journal Article section in my output style. But as you say it will not show up because it is not catered for; and my attempt to copy and paste your earlier code failed.

So I am unsure where I should put the translators’ names now. I attach a snapshot of the headnote of the article for your easy reference.

This is the first time I have come across a journal article having been translated hence the difficulty.

  1. What are the correct steps to “share” an output file? Do I use the export function?

Thank you.

What field in your record are you currently putting the translated by authors?  That is the field name you would replace “Translator” with. I tested putting the translator in the “Translated Author” field and it seemed to work fine.  I am really not sure how that field would normally be used anyway, but it will not be intuitive for anyone else (or even for you a  year down the line!).  Your version where you copied the text over should need to change the word Translator to Translated Author.  

Alternatively, you can go into the preferences, ref type, modify ref type, end add “Translator” to the subsidary author field space which is currently empty.  This will solve it for you, but your class mates would need to do the same (or you can export your ref type file and they can import it, but that is probably more complicated than making the change themselves).  Then you can use the field name “Translator” just like in the other reference type. This is the cleanest option, and will make sense to others, but requires more steps.  

The output styles that you have downloaded or the one you saved from me, are saved by endnote in a user set in a folder defined by your Endnote preferences, folder location.  You could search for the file name.ens to find the location.  You share that file and when they open it, and save it, it will save it to a their “folder location” and Endnote will find it when you view the styles (it combines the folder that contains the endnote installed styles with those the user downloads or edits and  then chooses “save as”).  

You can just email it or drop the file in a shared folder anywhere.  

Thank you very much. I went with your second option and it works. Much appreciated, Leanne.