Listing multiple translators

I have a record that looks like this in the bib output:

Halliwell, S.W. H. FyfeD. A. RussellD. Innes, and W. R. Roberts, trans. (1995)  Aristotle, Poetics; Longinus, On the Sublime; Demetrius, On Style. Cambridge, MA. (Repr. 1999.)

The translators names are categorized under “Translator” in the record, but they are not being treated as Author in the style sheet, where author names are told to order themselves with commas and a space between each. Making Translator into an “Author” category makes no difference in the output and there is no way to control the output of Translator names otherwise. Not sure how to fix this. thanks.

RECORD details:

Style Sheet:

The Editor List settings apply to the generic Secondary Author, Tertiary Author, and Subsidiary Author fields. the Translator field in book is mapped to the Subsidiary Author field, so those are the settings you want to adjust to get what you need.  For some reasons your posted images are coming up as red Xs to me. 

Thanks. I figured it out now.


two questions on this. 1. Entries in the Library will show no author if the author field is blank, and the Translator field has the translator, right?

  1. If I want to have a footnote crediting the translator, and if I insert the reference, it will come out as “Bailey, trans. (1910)”. But if I want it to read: “trans. Bailey (1910)”  am I right that I have to show only in bibliography and then type out what I want to show in the note, ie “trans. Bailey (1910)”? Edit Citation doesn’t offer Editors or Translators; or: it treats Editors as Authors, but Translators aren’t treated as anything.


can you remind me which output style you are using and which reference type is being used for these translated records?  

My own style (heavily revised version of author-date). Ref type = “translation”

Also relatedly: 

Bib. entries are now sorting with translations alphabetically (oddly, with first name then last) followed by author-alphabetically (last-first, as I want). I want these to appear as one list, sorted by last name, etc.

Sort order is dictated as:

Author +
Year +
Journal/Secondary Title +

I could add “Translator” but that won’t be treated as “Author”. Is there a way to get these on a par?tx

Let me send you the ouput style

–AnnotatedMod-CUP.ens (58.6 KB)