How to change Bibliographic style in EndNote Web

I am writing an article for the Journal of Parasitology.

I have selected J Parasitology from the Style: drop-down menu in Word, which formats the bibliography. 

However, the editor has told me that the colon following the volume number should be in bold font. See attachment.

How do I change the style so that all these colons are in bold?

Perhaps this just isn’t possible … ?

It is very simple to make this change, by Edit>output style, >edit J of Parasitology  - go to the bibliography template and bold the character in the journal template.  

I did that to the attached version – 

to use this one, open the attachment, and save as – Use a different name than your current style, and then change to that style in your word endnote bar (you may need to view all styles to find it the first time.)
J Parasitology bold-colon.ens (13.2 KB)

I’m afraid I’m struggling to find the ‘Edit’ button you mention - can you see it in my screenshot above?

I also can’t see how I would change to a style that’s not already in the Style: drop-down list.

I failed to note you are using endnote online rather than the desktop program.  You will need to request that Clarivate correct the output style they provide for Endnote online. 

You can give the info here,   but I would probably be inventive using the fields to indicate you need it updated for the online version and that you simply need the colon bolded after the volume number.  – perhaps in the journal title?  

I have no idea how long a request like this takes.  You might want to address it more directly with Tech Support.