how to change font and size of paranthetical citation

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i wanna change the font of parenthetical citation ? like that

And that was reported by (Blum, 1995)       i wanna that become bold and not change in the bibliographics

like that (Blum, 1995)

and also i do not wanna but in bracts like

Blum (1995) reported that …


Blum, U. (1995). The value of model plant-microbe-soil systems for understanding processes associated with allelopathic interactions: One example. In Inderjit, K. M. M. Dakshini & F. A. Einhellig (Eds.), Allelopathy: organisms, processes, and applications (pp. 127-131).

how could i do that?

You would neet to readup on how to edit the style and select the citation template and apply bolding to it. (in endnote, edit>output style, edit “your selected output style”.  Then save to a new name, and reformat the bibliography with the newly edited style name. 

You also need to hide an author in a citation and either type i the author in the sentance itself or select the author, drag it out, and then edit the citation to remove the author.  To hide an author in the citation, you put your cursor in the citation (not on the name but maybe the year part) and either right click - edit citation, or select the edit citation tool from the endnote tool bar. 

Do you have a style that gives you the bibliographic reference in the format you want? 

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Do you have a style that gives you the bibliographic reference in the format you want?

yes ,i have APA 6th style

Bolded Citation.  in the attached style.  References left as they are, which includes the publication city and publisher following the page numbers? 

Billoski, T. V. (1992). Introduction to Paleontology (6th ed.). New York: Institutional Press.

Morehouse, S. I., & Tung, R. S. (1993). Statistical evidence for early extinction of reptiles due to the K/T event. Journal of Paleontology, 17(2), 198-209.

Schwartz, M. T., & Billoski, T. V. (1990). Greenhouse hypothesis: effect on dinosaur extinction. In B. T. Jones & N. V. Lovecraft (Eds.), Extinction (pp. 175-189). New York: Barnes and Ellis.

APA 6th Bold.ens (58.8 KB)