How to change in text citation in stylesheet to include specific page numbers and p.

Dear all

I am trying to use the stylesheet TF-X Harvard.  They say they want their citations to read, for example, (Harvey 1992, p.21)

However their stylesheet does not include any page numbers.  So my page numbers are now not showing up

When I have tried to change the stylesheet from (Author|, Year|) to (Author| Year|, Pages) it then includes the page range from Endnote and not the actual page number which I had included in my citation. 

If I try and add a p. as a precurser to the page number e.g. (Author| Year|, p. Pages) it then puts in the p even when I don’t have a page listed.

Please help!  How do I get the style to recognise the page I have included in the specific citation and add a p. only when necessary?



OK I managed to fix the first problem by looking at another style sheet and changing it to ‘Cited pages’.  I haven’t fixed the ‘p’ problem where it shows up even when there is no cited page.  Any help on this would be valued!

You’ll need to include the karat sign (^) and Link to Adjacent Text (looks like a bullet point) in order to differentiate between the singular page or pages abbreviation. Refer to attached image.

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Thank you.  I ended up doing it manually due to time pressure but now I know!