How to cite an accepted paper?


  How to cite an accepted paper?  For example, In manuscript, I’d like to it shows

XXXXX Journal_name (Wang, accepted).

And in bibliography, it shows

Wang,XXXXX, Journal_name, (accepted).

I use Author-Date style. If I leave blank in year for that accepted paper, it won’t show in bibliography. But it will show in manuscriipt with (Wang).

Thanks in advance.


Just an observation but it seems a bit odd to list “accepted” following the name: (Wang, accepted).  It seems to suggest Wang accepted (something) rather than identifying Wang’s paper was accepted. 

Suggest you include a year.  Some editors may give a projected date and even citation information in advance but if not, perhaps list in the Year field: forthcoming, 2011; or if preferred just use the word “forthcoming”.  The phrase indicates the paper was accepted for publication, and the year is a projection not set in stone which could be modified later if  needed.  Some editors will provide you specifics on citation so you could inquire for further information.

Based on using “forthcoming” and a projected year, here’s how the citation and reference would appear:

In-text citation :  (Wang, forthcoming 2011)   or (Wang, forthcoming)

Bibliography : Wang, H. L. (forthcoming 2011). Title of paper. Journal Name. Vol(Issue), pp. 10-27.

(Note:  Volume, issue and page numbers will be shown only if the corresponding fields in the reference has been completd.)

In science, we use the expression “in press” even if it isn’t technically in the press quite yet.  So I use the text in press in the year field.  then the citation appears (Wang, in press) and the References list the year field as the same.  Some times you need to tweak it slightly at the end before submission if you don’t like the position or punctuation.  Usually that is easier than getting the link adjacent and separate characters correct with so much “missing” information.