Problem with New Reference Type

I have been trying without success to make a new reference type work. (Actually, I did make it work when I used it with a trial copy of X5, but have had problems when I upgraded using a manual install.) 

The reference type I call “Interview.” Output (via Chicago 16th A) should be Doe, John, interview by author, 12 December 1985. Somewhere along the line in modifying the reference type, I entered (this where I have semed to have made a mistake) entered the name Author in the Author field, Title in the Title field, Place of Publication in Place of Publication field, Date in the Date field and Year in the Year field. As a result, output is Author, Title, Place of Publication, Date Year. I have tried a variety of strategies, including deleting the copy of Chicago 16th A Copy and renaming it several times, without luck. It also seems that the Interview reference type is now in the regular Chicago 16th A.

Short of creating a new reference type and/or reinstalling Endnote, is there any solution to this problem?

There is more information required to help you I guess, as I am confused.


By your last statement ("Short of creating a new reference type…)  I assume  that you have NOT created (via edit>preferences>reference type>modify) a new reference type “interview” from one of the unused ref types?


but have edited the output style (Chicago 16th A) to add a reference type in the bibliograpy template and specified the fields that you want to show in the order and with the punctuation you require? 


But that isn’t possible, so I must have misunderstood.  So you need to modify an unused ref type as above, and then create the corresponding template in the output style, unless you are lucky enought that “generic’s” template corresponds to exactly what you wnat.  - which is rarely the case. 


How are you entering your records and as what reference type?