How to create an Endnote group from citations already in a word document


I am working on an “oldish” manuscript with a group of authors in different places. I am wanting to create a group in Endnote X2 from references already inserted into the word document. Is there anyway of getting X2 to scan the document and then assign any references found in it to a group. Thus I can then transfer this group to Endnote Web and easily share with co-authors.

Many thanks


If you use the “Export Traveling Library” function, you can export the references in the document to a new library.

From the new library, you can upload the references to EndNote Web and also copy them to a group in your normal library.

Hi John,

Thank you for your reply, I had already tried that however, I got an error message that stated "This document does not contain a travelling library either it was not formatted with Endnote 5 or later or has had the field codes removed. "

This is somewhat puzzling as it was created in Endnote X2 and I have not stripped the field codes…


So can you reformat it?  (Really, I should ask if you can you unformat it and reformat it, as sometimes tht is necessary, if it was originally formated in an older version of endnote.)

Hi Leanne,

I must confess that I have a network install of Endnote and for some reason our IT department cannot get the webbased help portal working. Thus I have been a little in the dark as to how some functions operate. However, using your suggestion to format the bibliography and then create the travelling library it worked a charm. Many thanks for the help…

yes, our IT dept had a similar problem with X2’s help function.  I will see if I can find out what the solution was…