I need to grab all PDFs (which I already have) cited in my document

I have a Word document that cites about a hundred references from my Endnote library. All of these references already have a full-text PDF attached in each reference record in the library. I need to collect all those PDFs in a separate folder (I’m on Apple OS X 10.8). What’s the best way to do that?  Would it be to export the document as a Traveling Library and then fish out all the PDFs out of the resulting library folder, or is there a better way?

I tried to export the traveling library and got “Service Error: Generic”

The travelling library wouldn’t have the PDFs so that won’t help.  I would take the group that has the papers cited in the document (created as you format the bibliography) and move them to a new library and I guess fish them out (could you create an Apple script to find files with .PDF, run it on the pdf  folder and subfolders in the libraryname.DATA folder to collect the PDFs by copying them to one location?).  What do you need them for?  would the sublibrary itself serve the purpose? 

Also, you should contact support about the export problem. 

Aha. How do I make/find the group containing only those references that were cited in the Word document I’m working on (out of my many thousands of references in the library)?


What version of Endnote???  It should appear in Endnote as a group, but It was a feature added in X5 maybe?  – It usually is a temporary group just under the all references,  generated after you update or add a new citation to the paper, in the Endnote groups.  On a PC, see the image attached.    

X4, and it worked perfectly - thanks!