how to CWYW in two different situations

I would like to know how i can cite in the two different formats:

(Author, Year) vs Author (Year)

when i CWYW i keep the cursor in the World doc where i want the citation to go and then select ‘Insert selected citation’ in the End note menu integrated in Word which encloses all references into a single bracket but I dont seem to be able to get Author (Year) ie author outside of brackets.

How do I differentiate between the two?

Thanks a lot.


If working with CWYW on – You right click in the citation you want to convert to Author (Year) – edit citation and select that option.  Note - as it doesn’t really make sense to ever cite groups of citations in this way, this option is only available for a single inserted citation.  

If you work with CWYW off and the temporary citations with {author, year #recno}  you can add (no space  – @@author-year after the record number and it will be formated as Author (year).

So for example, the unformated temporary citation looks like this:  

{Aberdam, 1991 #1583@@author-year} and formated it appears Aberdam et al (1991).

Thanks a lot Leanne - it worked!