Only one field data gone?

One field data in each reference is gone after new installation, the rest of each entry is still there.

How can I find this field data? shouldn’t it still be somewhere in the data?

Endnote 9

Here is how it probably happened.

I wanted to have the abstract text appear nearer to the top on each reference window. Therefore I moved fields. I renamed the “Section” field into “Abstract” and moved all text of all references which was in the old Abstract field to the new second “Abstract” field. Since then I had two Abstract fields: the original, which was since the movement empty and the new Abstract which was formerly the Section field.

After a new installation of Endnote 9 became necessary, the new Abstract field vanished, including all teh text in the new abstract field.

As the library, however, was not changed, because i had saved the library befor the new installation, I asssume the reason is, that the new Endnote installation does not show the Change of Field and therefore doess not disply the new Abstract texts. However, the Library data should still be available, as it has not been changed.

Bt how can I display the entire data of one and each reference?

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I played around and found a workaround.

However, the question how to display all information saved in one reference entry still remains open.


Open: Tools -> Subject Bibliography -> click each of the entries and see what kind of data they show.

I did that and found that in “Sections” there was all my lost data.

So I changed Edit-> Preferences -> Reference Types, and I added sections to all references, and then all the data was displayed.

The problem was that I also had forgotten that I had saved the data in the Sections field.

So my question remains:

How can all data be displayed that belongs to one reference?

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