how to edit a reference manager word document using Endnote X?

Could anyone please help me with this problem?

My colleauge sent me a paper where all references were done using reference manager. As I only use Endnote, I was hoping I could edit her paper using my Endnote anyways. I was able to import all her references into an Endnote library, but I cannot edit any of the reference in her paper. The intext reference does not seem to work with my endnote. Anyone please HELP!

Many thanks!


There is some information in this FAQ -

But for this to work, you (or your colleague) will need to do some work using Reference Manager first.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Many thanks Jason. I have imported her reference manager database into Endnote. I also read the instruction on Converting a Reference Manager Word document to be used in EndNote , the problem is, in word 2007, I Click on the “Add-ins” tab but could not find the “Generate Bibliography” button. Thanks!

Are you sure you have Reference Manager installed on your computer, with the RefMan CWYW tools loading into Word?  You need to have Reference Manager installed and functional – just having EndNote isn’t enough.