References in endnotes instead of reference list: HELPPPPPPPP!!!!

I would like to give the references completely in endnotes of the document, and not as list at the end. For instance in endnote 17: 

17 A. Desmond, The Politics of Evolution: Morphology, Medicine, and Reform in Radical London, Chicago, 1989. 

 I am unsing Ref Manager 11, Windows Vista, Word 2007.

Thank you very much for your help!


In order to insert references within endnotes, you would need to use the Word functionality to insert the endnote.  To do so:

1.  If you’re working with Word 2007, you would start by positioning your cursor within the text of your document. 

2.  Once you’ve got your cursor flashing where you would like the endnote number to be inserted, go to the “References” tab within Word 2007 and press the “Insert EndNote” button.

3.  When the endnote appears in your document, you will notice your cursor is flashing at the end of your text.  This is where you will be inserting the reference from your Reference Manager database.

4.  After your Reference Manager reference appears within the endnote, you would need to run the Generate Bibliography command with an output that has been set up to properly format references within footnotes/endnotes.  If you don’t have a particular output style in mind, I would suggest formatting with the style that I’ve attached to this post.  It’s a customized version of the Turabian Footnotes style. 
Turabian Footnotes Modified.os (25.3 KB)