Journal Title: lowercase by mistake

Hello everybody,

I entered the title of a journal but used lowercase by mistake: “best journal”. But it should be “Best Journal”. When I try to corret this, and I type “Best Journal” it’s shown in black and not red letters in the form where I enter the data, since the programm already knows the title of the journal. However in the outputstyle it is still written in the old wrong way “best journal”. How can I correct this? 

Thank you very much for your help.

Dear Phil

You need to correct the entry for the journal in the Journals term list. You will find this in EndNote, under Tools, Term lists, Journals term List. Find the journal and then use the Edit button to correct the capitalisation.

A good tip is to start all libraries by loading one of the preconfigured list, several are supplied with the product or look on internet as some libraries also have publically accessible lists you can use. These lists give you full journal name appropriately capitalised and recognised abbreviations, so EndNote can recognise these variations as same journal, and when writing and citing the output styles will specify Full journal name or which abbreviation to use.

Hope this helps



Thank you Patti, 

it was excactly the help I needed.

Thank you also for the tip with the lists. 

And turn off the auto-updating of those tems in the Endnote Program preferences.