Sharing libraries

I have two users that would like like to share their liberies. We have a client/server stuctured network but I do not want to use it. The main reason being is that for the most part the one user does allmost all her work off line or off network. Is there any other way to share liberies?

Use Endnote Web?  (but needs Internet, so if off line means off internet, that won’t work.)  See this Endnote Training video 

Seems impossible to “share” an EndNote library if one isn’t on the same “drive”?  No way to update them independently and then “merge”, if that is what you are asking. 

The best option (apart from Endnote Web) is to have one user always add to a new standalone temporary library and then import the added refs into the main library, when possible.  Save/Compress (file>compress or file>send to>compress) to an .enlx file for any move from one location to another, and then unpack it in the new location with Endnote.  Delete the enlx file, so it doesn’t get confused with the updated version.  To transfer back recreate the .enlx compressed file.