How to import own modified style

I have modified an output style and saved it with a new name. Now after reformatting my harddrive and subsequently after reinstalling Endnote X1, I cannot figure out how to import/add this style to Endnote. If I double-click on the style file it does open up in a window like any other Output style, but I cannot choose it via Style Manager. How should it be done?


Check to make sure Endnote is pointing to the styles directory in which your cutsom style file resides:  Endnote > Edit > Preferences > File Locations. I have several versions of Endnote on my computer for troubleshooting purposes, and depending on the version I am working with, I temporarily “lose” output styles due to the program pointing to a different version’s style folder.


My modified style is saved in the same default folder where all the other styles are as well. Still, I cannot find it with Style Manager. So placing modified styles in the same folder does not seem to be enough. What else do I need to do?

Did you save the style with the .ens as a part of the name (at least in Windows version).

Yes, I did and the style is saved in the Endnote style folder where the default style is as well.

Now I suddenly realized where I had gone wrong. I had saved the style in C:\Documents and Settings\Dani\Application Data\EndNote -folder where the ENDefaultStyle is located. I should have saved it in the C:\Program Files\EndNote X1\Styles -folder. Now it works fine.