How to export data in a specific way?

I’m in the process of find a replacement product for procite and endnote was recommended.  I’m going through the trail app now but i’m having some problems getting the output I need.  We have a follow up process that takes the exported text file and reimports it into a db.  In procite it is able no matter what type of citation to export all fields with a  “^” enclosing each field then a comma.  For instance ^1^,^Fred Smith^,^Book^.  All the fields would how up like this. One row for each citation.  Is this possible in endnote?

thank you

This would be thru the create a new output style. 

In endnote, Edit>Ouput Style, New Style.

I would put all the fields in the generic Bibliography template with ", " between them all (assuming you want a blank column if the field is empty) 

“Author”, Title", “Year”,


or |“Author”,| “Title”, | with the spaces after the comma as “link adjacent” (which you can also insert from the insert field tab), if you want the blank fields to be skipped.  Once you create the “,|<link adjacent>”  you can quickly create the  rest of the generic template by inserting the next field, then the copied “,|<link adjacent>”  and then the next field, etc. (note added, the | can be entered from the keyboard or the insert field dropdown.  It looks like  a broken pipe on the keyboard above the \ on the right side of the second row. It means forced separation and anything between the pipes will not “print” if the field is empty. )

Don’t create a template for each publication type, unless you want different thing or order for the different ref types.  If that is the case, you need to add the ref types (from the drop down) and adjust the content for each one.  - easies to start by copying the generic and the field names will change to reflect the names in the ref type you are editing. 

Once created, save and use to export.  (File>export) and then in dialog make sure the Output style you created is selected (you may have to go to the top and choose “Select another style” the first time, but after that, it should appear in the dropdown list.  If there is special formating that you require (retain the italics, etc) you probably want to export as “RTF” and not the default <txt>. 

Check the help or endnote.pdf in the installation folder for more information on editing and creating output styles. 


Thank you so much for your help.  I tested it out on a few feilds and it seemed to create my output like I need it.

Do you if it is possible to import my procite data into endnote?

Thank you

See this FAQ?  I have no experience with the conversion though. Others on this list may have.