Find full text for Elsevier Science Direct articles has not worked for quite a long time


It is my experience that EndNote’s find full text has not been able to retrieve pdf files from Elsevier Science Direct journals for quite a long time now. I hoped that X8.0.2 would fix this, but it didn’t. Finding full text from Elsevier Science Direct have worked very stable for many years, but not for the last year. Our patrons use a lot of journals from this platform and it is a problem that find full text doesn’t work for these journals.

Anyone else with the same experience?

EndNote Moderators: Are you aware of this problem and working on fixing it?

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Jan Ove

FFT/Elsevier Science Direct is not working at the U of Illinois. I just tried it with a Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta paper.

Just installed X8.1, but Elsevier Science Direct is still not available for Find Full Text. Checked Toxicon, which we subscribe to. Citation downloaded from PubMed with doi included. No full text found for 4 test articles.

Still awaiting feedkack from EndNote Moderators wether this is a known issue or not?

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Jan Ove

Greetings Jan,

Our developers have confirmed ScienceDirect has implemented a change to URL redirecting, which now employs JavaScript - EndNote’s Find Full Text functionality cannot query full text resources that utilize JavaScript due to security concerns.  A product enhancement request has been submitted to Development, but unless ScienceDirect reverses their decision to use JavaScript, there’s no possible workaround to restore Find Full Text search access to ScienceDirect without re-engineering how our Find Full Text feature functions.  I do apologize for any inconvenience caused by this situation.

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Thanks Jimmy!

What is interesting is that if I use our old Open URL adress in the Open URL path field in EN preferences:

EndNote is able to find pdf for ALL Science Direct titles (tested five different SD journals and 100% success). The problem is that our university do not use sfx anymore and this one is not updated for new subscriptions. The new one:

will not retrive any pdfs from SD.

Why will the old sfx Open URL adress cause 100% pdf harvesting from SD when the problem is with Java script. This doesn’t sound logical to me (but I’m no programmer).

All references tested was imported from PubMed.

Please comment on this as pdf harvesting from SD is important!

Best wishes

Jan Ove


I keep hoping that I will see improved retrievals of article pdfs from ScienceDirect using the EndNote Find Full-Text feature. I am still waiting. This is really important to our faculty, please keep working at it!

Me too!  Essential.  

I also hope Endnote or Science direct will fix this, so FFT becomes available!

Eirik Mikkelsen

Senior Researcher


Tromsø, Norway

Suddenly the pdfs from sciencedirect cannot be downloaded through find full text. Realy frustrating

Suddenly the pdfs cannot be downloaded through find full text. Really frustrating.

Likewise. Most of the journals I try to download using FFT are Elsevier Science Direct ones, so this problem is a big issue for my use of Endnote!

got an x8.2  update today on the PC which had a fix for this listed in the update notes.  haven’t tested.  


Leanne: I do not see any mention of a Science Direct fix in the X8.2 update. See attached picture.

Addition: Did a quick test with a few Toxicon (SD) references imported from PubMed. Unfortunately, no improvement in full text harvesting with X8.2.

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Jan Ove

X8.2 update.jpg

excellent point.  I only remember seeing the update notes in passing, but you are correct.  – so this has not yet been resolved.  Dissapointing to say the very least.  

Thanks for the explanation - this is really an essential feature of EndNote and one of its strengths.  Manually going through ScienceDirect is painful!  I hope this is something that can be resolved through workarounds or other improvements.  Do you know why ScienceDirect decided to do this?

I do not know why SD have changed their web solution.

As I wrote in an earlier post, adding our old Open URL solution in preferences will make EndNote retrieve full text from SD:

Using this url, EndNote is able to find pdfs for ALL Science Direct titles (tested five different SD journals and 100% success). The problem is that our university do not use sfx anymore and this one is not updated for new subscriptions. The new one:

will not retrive any pdfs from SD both in X8.1. or X8.2.

I do not understand why the old URL will make things work if the problem is on the SD web page programming?

Best wishes

Jan Ove