How to identify that an Endnote X7 citation is in the text of a Word 2013 doc? In old endnote version the cite was blue, but not in X7??

I’ve upgraded to Word 2013 using X7 and all of my citations appear as normal text in my document.  This is problematic because some of my co-authors aren’t using Endnote so I can’t tell which cites are Endnote and which are normal text.  Is there a way to make them show up in a different color?  I don’t want to toggle field codes because of the messy formatting.  “Sometimes” when I mouse over the citations a popup shows the author and “Ctrl+Click to follow link” but this doesn’t work all the time and I’m not sure how to turn it on/off.  


You can turn on Field Shading in Word. To do this, click File > Options and select Advanced. Scroll down to the section “Show Document Content” and set the Field Shading option to Always. Click OK to dismiss the dialog. If citations have been entered using EndNote, you will see gray field shading.

it is blue if it is linked to the bibliography (except I usually turn it off, maybe you have too) – IF word is set to display the URLs in blue.