How to italicize only part of title (not the Chinese characters)?

Format: Turabian


I use Chinese characters in many of my references and would like for only the roman characters to be italized in the title and not the characters. So, instead of this:


Guo Maoqian 郭茂倩, Yuefu shiji 樂府詩集 (Beijing: Zhonghua shuju, 1998).


 I want this:


Guo Maoqian 郭茂倩, Yuefu shiji 樂府詩集 (Beijing: Zhonghua shuju, 1998).

(the red is only to call attention to the area in question)

When I edit the style, I see the place where the italics are:


Author, Title|, ed. Series Editor|, trans., Translator|, Edition ed.|, Number of Volumes vols.|, Series Title|, vol. Volume| (|City: Publisher, Year|; reprint, Reprint Edition|)|, Cited Pages|.

Is there any way force it to italicize only the roman characters and not the Chinese?


You would probably need to divide the title into two fields, one for the Latin characters and one for the Chinese characters, and then edit the output style accordingly.

I thought that if you did the formatting in the field of the record it would override the style’s formatting, but testing that, didn’t seem to work.

In which case, I would edit the Reference Type to create a field for  the Chinese portion, move that to the new field (or you could use another field already there, that you don’t use for any other purpose) and adjust your style sheet to include this new field in the appropriate placement (with the appropriate “link adjacent text” for the spaces and, “forced separation” so the extra spaces don’t show when there isn’t a Chinese part of the title).  If you can’t get it to work quite right, post the style here, and one of the user group can tweak it for you. 

If this is a rare occurence, I would just fix it before submitting though.  The publisher is probably pretty adept at correcting these minor formating problems in the proofing stages too. 

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